Friday, May 16, 2008

Hand in hand

The twins get absolutely giddy when riding in the car. They squeal and giggle and kick their feet in hysterical anticipation of our trip to Target or to eat at Moes on Tuesday nights (kids eat free). (Those are the main two places we take them on weeknights, which is when they seem to be in the best mood). A few evenings ago we stopped by Dicks Sporting Goods to check on BPA-free water bottles (the selection turned out to be limited to a few Camelback bottles in the camping section). On the way into the store, Craig and I each had one of the girls by the hand, and they were bounding along in between the two of us, when they reached out and grasped hands. As they walked toward the store holding hands, I was overjoyed to see that adorable sister-bond. It was a milestone for me, a sign of their growing up into children that will learn to lean on each other, support one another and love one another. It was a moment I had pictured from the moment I first heard, “there are two in there”; and seeing it was just as thrilling as I had imagined. It is moments like these that make all the diapers and laundry and dishes seem irrelevant. And I can just be thankful for the blessing that is---twins.

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