Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell to diapers and strollers...

Yesterday we sold our last stroller. It happened to be to a friend who saw it on craigslist, so I'll be happy to see her with it. I'm also happy (honest) to have the back of my van back, since we weren't using the stroller anyway. The girls hadn't ridden in it in ages.

This week we stopped using diapers completely and the girls have been dry every morning. I have TWO diapers left, just sitting there all by themselves. I have to say that feels strange.

Yesterday, as promised, I painted the twins' toenails. I told them months ago that once they were ALL DONE with diapers, that they could have their toes painted. They sat SO still and were so patient, and really delighted with the finished results. It was a big step for me to be painting their nails. It just seemed to speak of so much to come for two little girls growing up so quickly.

This week they wrote their names all by themselves. Copied them, really, on their magnadoodles, but still a sweet accomplishment that brought me joy. It made me so proud.

I can't help reflecting on the "diapers and strollers" phase that we are leaving behind. Maybe I feel nostalgic because I am uncertain if we will ever revisit the phase by having future children. Maybe I am nervous facing childhood with all it's parenting challenges, in comparison to the relatively clear-cut decisions of infanthood. For some one who has complained so loudly about the burden of raising two babies at one time, I feel somehow cheated that the time has gone so quickly. Surely I should have more time with my babies?

Don't think I'm not thankful. I'm so happy to see them growing and progressing. Watching them learn new things is just as amazing as it always has been. Seeing their eyes light up with understanding and their smile bright with confidence in new accomplishments is a magical experience.

I certainly won't miss the monthly expense of diapers, or lifting that mammoth double stroller. But it still feels like a bitter-sweet milestone. I truly never minded changing diapers. I wouldn't mind changing a few more.....

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Tim said...

I wouldn't mind you changing a few more diapers either... because I'd love to have some more nieces (or nephews)!!! :) Love you guys! Allyson

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