Monday, May 18, 2009

Amber Necklaces


I just realized that I never posted a review of the amber necklaces we bought nearly a year ago.
I bought necklaces for each of the girls and one for myself . We love them!
I was concerned that at their age (when we first got them, the girls were 21 months) they would be bothered by them, try to take them off, or worse PULL each other by the neck. But they were delighted to see they got necklaces that matched mommy's and we haven't had a moments trouble with them. When they wake up in the morning they point to their necks and are ready to get dressed and put on their necklaces. They look so adorable too!
I love my necklace (I now have two from Inspired by Finn). It's been really difficult the last two years, as I developed a nickel allergy during pregnancy and can no longer wear most jewelry. My wedding ring and all my expensive jewelry irritates my skin; sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, etc. I was told anything of a lesser quality than platinum would be a problem, because most metals contain nickel as a firming substance. Even beaded, plastic and cord jewelry is often made with metal clasps that I can't wear. I've tried "hypo-allergenic" jewelry and can't wear that either.
Now I have jewelry that I can wear all the time, and I don't even feel it. I was delighted to see how light and comfortable it is, and I LOVE that the clasp is all plastic, so NO irritation for me! It is a pleasure to be able to put on jewelry again! I also love that the clasp doesn't catch my hair the way almost all jewelry used to.
As I mentioned before, amber jewelry has natural analgesic properties. After wearing this necklace for months now, I am amazed to report that I do believe it is effective. I have fairly constant neck pain and should be seeing a chiropractor regularly, but I haven't been in months. The necklace really dulls the pain. When I forget to put it back on after showering, I can feel the difference. It's not a miracle, but it definitely takes the edge off of the pain. My grandmother wears her amber bracelet for bursitis and she agrees it does help.
I also wanted to comment on the quality of Kate's jewelry at Inspired by Finn. I have worn my multi-colored necklace about 23 hours a day, every day (occasionally switching it out with my "dressier" dark amber necklace) since we bought and it is still going strong which is impressive! My daughters, parents, brothers and grandmother all have them too and no one has had any quality complaints.
I highly recommend Kate at Inspired by Finn, she's very helpful and her jewelry is lovely. Shipping is also very reasonable, so check it out:
Who doesn't want jewelry that makes you feel better?!

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