Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Week...

So far we have simply managed to recycle on the most basic level, by tossing paper, plastic and cardboard into the bin and shoving it to the street once a week. Not a whole lot of thought or trouble goes into this. But, with all the talk about Earth Day this week, I've been wondering what else we can do that will make a positive difference. It's pretty exciting to see how many "green" choices we can make that are not only effective, but FREE, PRACTICAL, and SIMPLE. Let's face it, they better be or I just won't get around to it at this point in my life. Here are the three most obvious changes that I plan to start this week:
1) My first plan is to use fewer disposable grocery bags. I was really surprised how much you can put into the larger reusable totes and how much more comfortable they are to carry then those flimsy plastic ones. Kroger is having a design a bag contest, and you will receive a free bag just by designing one. It's fun! By the way, Kroger has a fabulous organic foods and produce section, and my very favorite thing is their grocery carts hold TWO toddlers!
2) My second plan is to start composting our food scraps. I'll just throw them in a plastic container (with a lid; probably an old coffee container) until I put them on the pile in the back yard. Ok, it's true that I don't exactly have a green thumb (despite those years pulling weeds at the Nursery) but it will STILL reduce the garbage we send to the dump each week. Also, it occurs to me that leaving those items out of the trash will only decrease the odor of the trash can. Fabulous! tips.html
3) Here'a a great tip to save money and protect the earth: alter your cleaning habits. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents available, and it's so much safer for kids than those overwhelming fumes of expensive cleaners. Here's a website with some other helpful green-clean recipes!
I feel better already! One change at a time....things are looking up!

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