Wednesday, May 7, 2008


When you first become a parent, you anticipate so many new changes and experiences. Like the familiar phrase: "Having a baby changes everything". Some of those changes are wonderful (seeing the first smiles), some a little less wonderful (changing the 1000th diaper), and some completely catch you by surprise. Something that has really amazed me is how my perspective on so much has changed. Recently on a trip with the girls to the zoo, I was pointing out the tropical fish in the aquarium. Watching those little blue eyes widen at their first glimpse of jellyfish, coral reefs, and sharks, I could feel the awe and amazement they were experiencing. I actually felt my heart quicken with wonder as I looked at those creatures for the hundreth time. Imagining all of this through their eyes, I was able to grasp the beauty and wonder of it all over again. God has truly created a magnificent world!

Red and Curly have really been into bubbles lately. They haven't learned to blow them yet, but they tirelessly chase the ones I create and beg for more"bublleles". Last week, as I was blowing my little heart out, I started to look at those beautiful and really amazing they are! Translucent and full of rainbows, they glide along into the sunshine and out of sight over our roof. They seem lighter then air, yet have an extraordinary strength for something formed of water and soap!

I guess what I mean by all of this, is that becoming a mother has given me the gift of taking a second look at common things that never used to impress me. It causes me to ponder what God meant in the gospels about having the faith of a child. Everything seemed so simple when I was a child. It was so easy to take the Word at face value, and simply follow it. I pray that the Lord will help me re-discover that simplicity of faith, and that the joy of the bubbles and fish will remain on my mind!

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